Reasons Why You Choose Us :

  • A free online storefront to promote items for sale.
  • Best valued service.
  • Lowest rates as compared to other companies.
  • No hidden charges.
  • 24×7 support.
  • Minimum service charge.
  • Instant notifications of service status direct on your mobile or via email.
  • Marketing tools to promote your store.

How to Sell Online with Tiny Wallet?

So now, people may ask “How do I sell my goods online?” Well, the proper process to sell on Tinywallet is very easy. Once a business properly undergoes the steps of the Marketplace partnerships, their products will be among those listed on the Tinywallet page, where customers can see them, click on them, and buy. The partnership program also entitles the sellers with the online shopping group’s proper methods and steps of the transaction process between the seller and the customer. Once the order is placed, the sellers can process the order with the help of Tinywallet’s own customer service, and leave the final preparations and the delivery with the online shopping group’s trusted courier services. The overall process for the Marketplace is easy to accomplish, and processing the brand’s items will be up and done in a short amount of time. This fast and reliable process falls under the trusted mantra of effortless shopping by Tinywallet, which can be trusted by both seller and customer. So what are you waiting for, list your products with us today!


1. How do I become a seller on Tinywallet?

To become a seller, fill in the registration form at Required documents may be submitted via email or by uploading directly into the system. We will verify your documents within 7 working days and you can start listing your items once approved.

2. How much is the registration fee?

There is no registration fee and you can list your products for free! A small transaction fee will be charged for products that have been sold.

3. Can individual sellers use a brand name or logo as their store name?

Sellers are not allowed to use any copyrighted brands (e.g. Apple) as their name except for direct distributors.

4. I have registered as a seller and sent the supporting documents required but I have not receive any verification email from Tinywallet.

Please check your email’s spam or junk folder for Tinywallet email. Alternatively you may contact our customer support at (+91-8866800333)